Frequently Asked Questions for Group Leaders and Outside Sales Representatives

Q. Who is “Cruises by Lori/Cruise Travel Desk”?

A. We book CRUISE TRAVEL only. We also offer travel insurances; pre/post tour packages offered by the cruise line; and airline tickets offered through the cruise lines. We are also a home based business and like yourself enjoy the freedom, fun, and flexibility that this opportunity offers.

Q. How does the position work?

A. You make contact with relatives, friends, associates, social or church groups -  anyone-and sign them up! For each new cruiser who signs up and cruises, you receive a commission. You can also cruise FREE, if desired based on the number of cabins booked per cruise-as explained in the our web site's "Careers" page! Based upon the commission level you wish to participate at, we can do all the rest including paperwork, invoices, payment tracking, document handling, etc.

Q. What constitutes a "group"?

A. Most cruise lines consider 8 cabins (double occupancy) to be a group, and eligible for special and lower group rates and participate in any on board benefits. (See below). Cruise lines reserve the right to change this definition at their discretion.

Q. How much will it cost for this business opportunity?

A. Except for the cost of your business cards, the cost is zilch - zero -  nothing! Your not buying a franchise. You’re an independent contractor. You do have to check in your state for any licensing. For example, in Florida, you must , complete the attached "Sellers of Travel" registration form. We can help if any questions or information needed.

Q. When and how do I receive payment?

A. Within 30 to 45 days AFTER the cruise, we receive payment for the sailed cruise. The cruise line needs time to reconcile their accounts making sure that all payments are okay, any credits or additional charges are computed. You will then be sent a check in accordance with our commission schedule. At calendar year end, you will receive a 1099 tax form for income tax reporting.

Q. Do our group clients receive any on board benefits or support while sailing?

A. They certainly can! For example, we’ll work with you to plan a hosted cocktail (alcohol or non-alcohol) party as a way of thanking our guests. We can also plan on any other type of special events, too, customized to any group. Many cruise lines also have a Group Coordinator prior to sailing to resolve any issues ,and also one on board to do the same and put together any planned events.  If you book or desire to book a "theme" cruise i.e. spa; physical fitness, theater, dancing, etc. we can help arrange any on-board needs such as event areas; and on board staff help. The group can also arrange to bring whatever or whomever they need, too!

Q. Do we book “air”?

A. Our clients may book their own air connections (if required) if desired. We can quote air from the cruise lines who generally buy “blocks” of tickets from preferred carriers. The cruise line air rates may be higher than what a guest can find on their own; however, in the case of flying to a cruise, the cruise line will monitor whether a client has arrived and guarantee getting the client to the ship if experiencing a flight problem from the embarking city. In some cases they will hold the ship awaiting a reasonable arrival time or fly them to the next port if desired or necessary.

Q. What about travel insurance?

A. We offer travel insurance via the cruise lines or through an independent agent(at this time, TRAVEL GUARD INTERNATIONAL) The latter offers the best protection right up to the time of cruising in case of medical reasons; family emergency; etc.

Q.  How do I find Customers?

A.  As noted above, your friends/social contacts/church groups/relatives/neighbors their friends and relatives) may already be cruising and don’t realize you can help them! If your willing and able to do “Cold Calling” at businesses (large or small) or social clubs/organizations, etc. you may be able to increase your cruising base and earnings potential.

Q. What about my customer’s deposits and payments?

A. Your customers money goes directly to the cruise lines, and by using credit cards (which we STRONGLY encourage and prefer) the credit card companies policy of protecting the consumer applies. Cruises by Lori does not hold your customer’s money. If they pay by check or cash—again we prefer NOT to accept these forms of payment—we deposit in our Business Account and write a company check to the cruise line.

Q. What if I or any of my customers live far away?

A. Distance and geography do NOT affect sales or doing business. In fact over 99% of our clients prefer to book over the phone/e-mail /or FAX .

Q. What special equipment do I need?

A. A quiet, comfortable workplace, a computer with internet access, and a telephone is all you really need.. While we recommend a high sped internet connection to gather certain information from cruise lines or affiliated associations with ship information/ship size, room specifications, independent ship ratings, etc., it can be done by other means—but having this access makes it easier!!

Q. Why work for Cruise by Lori? Why not do it myself?

A. TIME AND EFFORT: start up fees; forms; and costs could be thousands of dollars. The time to learn the business would be extended further.

B.MORE COMMISSIONS- alone, you would be working with a much lower commission level. With our buying power, your commission dollars are more.

C.OVERALL SUPPORT- we are there to offer answers to problems and questions. Our industry contacts and years of experience aid in your development and any problem resolution.

D. ACCESS TO SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AND RATES- due to group buying power our discounts are high enabling you to be competitive.

E.CONNECTIONS WITH THE CRUISE LINES AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS- Our cruise line connections go beyond the cruise lines home offices. We are proud members of C.L.I.A.(Cruise Line International Association) and a cruise line consortium called VACATION.COM which helps supply information and support.

F. TRAVEL AT REDUCED RATES- besides cruising free as part of a group( as explained elsewhere) there are vast opportunities to visit new ships in the area, and cruise at reduced rates on “Friend and Family Fares” or take “Cruise Seminars at Seas” at substantially lower rates. These are offered at various times.