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Independent Sales Travel Agent Program (And Group Leaders)

Hi, and WELCOME to our informational sheet on how you can join the exciting team here at Cruises by Lori!!! While we are a small home-based company, we are BIG on potential that only you can help us add to! We are friendly and results oriented with none of that big company bureaucracy! We provide necessary training, guidance, and any other information you may require to attract business (including flyers, postcards, etc.).

If you enjoy cruising on some of the finest cruise ships around, with the potential of doing so at NO CHARGE (yes, FREE!) while earning high financial rewards on either a full or part-time basis, then please read on!

Our goal is for you to earn HIGH INCOME via individual or group bookings. Here's how:

  • Base Booking Commission is 50% commission. “Cruises by Lori” does paperwork.
  • Earn additional 10% commission by doing your clients booking with the cruise line, and maintaining tracking records and client contact.
  • Earn another 10% commission by establishing all records on monies collected and due from each client, and reconcile with the cruise line.

SAIL FREE! For each 8 cabins sold, one additional person (and it could be YOU!!!) sails FREE!! 16 cabins equates to two FREE people sailing FREE.! 24 cabins sold equals three people sailing free, etc.

Here’s a simple illustration of earning potential. Say you (A) booked 20 cabins, 2 clients in each cabin or (B) 40 people at $800 per person (not including taxes) for a 7 day cruise only or (C) $32,000. in bookings. At a 10% agency commission rate that’s $3,200. You earn a base 50% or $ 1,600, plus you and a guest you can sail FREE ! If you do the additional work in (B) and/or (C), above, that’s another $320 in your pocket for both!

Additional $$$$$$$$ can be earned by selling travel insurance and PRE/POST cruise hotel/tour packages offered by the cruise lines.


  • Your clients benefit from our volume buying with cruise buying organizations.
  • We are members of CLIA and
  • Attend industry seminars, educational classes, ship inspections, free new ship sails!.

What We Expect From You

  • Self Motivation
  • Love of Cruising
  • Good Recordkeeping Skills
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Your own personal computer with Internet access and email. (optional but helpful)

It's fun and easy to learn if you're a newcomer!!

Click here for answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

If you operate with the State of Florida, you must complete and return a "Sellers of Travel - Independent Sales Agent - Statement of Exemption" form.  Click here to obtain the form.  Note:  You must have Adobe Reader installed.  Click here for the reader.